Class, Mon, 2/20


Please draft a response to Alaina’s X1. Consider this practice for responding to the R1s by your group members later this week.


Moment of Zen


Kurt Cobain, 1993, Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

Kurt Cobain would have been 50 today.

The Mountain Goats, “Love, Love, Love” (2005)

To Do

  1. Tues, 2/21, 10:00: Post R1 to your group folder. (We will set up groups in class on Monday.) Write a brief note (no more than 100 words) at the top of your piece in which you outline any questions or concerns you may have about it—what sort of feedback you’re looking for.
  2. Wed, 2/22, class: Read and respond to the R1s in your group. Bring a print copy of each R1 with your responses on it to class. Also bring a clean print copy of your own piece. Also, if for some unmentionable reason, you have not yet read Anne Lamott on “Writing Groups” and “Someone to Read the Drafts”, do so now.
  3. Fri, 2/24, class: Workshop!

About Joe Harris

I teach composition, creative nonfiction, and digital writing at the University of Delaware.
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