Class, Fri, 3/03

Notes From Our Last Class


Moment of Zen

Jane Relaford Brown, “Emily Dickinson Attends a Writing Workshop”

Jane Relaford Brown, "Emily Dickinson Attends a Writing Workshop"

From “Visiting Emily: Poems Inspired by the Life and Works of Emily Dickinson,” ed. by Sharon Cogil and Thom Tamarro, Des Moines: U of Iowa P, 2000.

Developing an Observation-Based Draft

With thanks to Sam C and Jess P

  • What strategies does the author use in depicting the scene or event they are observing?
  • How might the author organize the details of their piece to suggest a perspective or point of view?


To Do

  1. Mon, 3/06, class: Read these “Talk of the Town’ pieces from the 2/27/2017 issue of The New Yorker: Jeffrey Toobin, Andrew Marantz, Sheila Marikar, and Michael Schulman. I’d like to talk about them as examples of nonfiction drawing on conversations with other people.
  2. Tues, 3/07: 10:00 AM: Post R2 to your group folder on Google Drive.
  3. Wed, 3/08, 10:00 AM: Post comments on the essays by your writing group.
  4. Wed, 3/08, class: Come ready to participate in our second workshop!

About Joe Harris

I teach composition, creative nonfiction, and digital writing at the University of Delaware.
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