Class, Mon 3/06

Writing Geek

Stops and Pauses (periods, colons, semicolons, commas, and dashes)

How would you punctuate the final three lines of this well-known monologue from Bull Durham? (1988, directed by Ron Shelton; the actor is a young Tim Robbins)


  • Writing: X3
  • Some possibilities: In groups of three or four, see if you can come up with a set terms or phrases that distinguishes the approaches taken by each of the Talk of the Town authors (Jeffrey Toobin, Andrew Marantz, Sheila Marikar, Michael Schulman). Obviously, all of the pieces are based on conversations with other people. But how do they differ from each other? Think of yourself as trying to identify a range of strategies you might employ in getting materials for your X3.

To Do

  1. Tues, 3/07: 10:00 AM: Post R2 to your group folder on Google Drive.
  2. Wed, 3/08, 10:00 AM: Post comments on the essays by your writing group.
  3. Wed, 3/08, class: Come ready to participate in our second workshop!
  4. Fri, 3/10, class: Continue workshop. Email me a revising memo.
  5. Mon, 3/13, class: Know who you are going to talk with for X3 and when. Make needed arrangements.
  6. Wed, 3/15. and Fri, 3/17: No class! (Jane and I will be attending the Conference on College Composition and Communication.)
  7. Fri, 3/17, 4:00 pm: Post X3 to your Google Drive folder.



About Joe Harris

I teach composition, creative nonfiction, and digital writing at the University of Delaware.
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