We Should All Be Feminists

I chose Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s essay “We Should All be Feminists“, because, as a person who considers herself a feminist, I find it really interesting to hear about her experiences with gender inequality in Africa and how she connects it to sexism in America. It’s also really important to hear a diverse selection of opinions on this topic, especially considering the first and second waves of feminism were mostly centered on liberating white, straight, middle class, cis-gendered women. The third wave, which is what many people consider the current feminist movement to be, makes an effort to focus on “intersectionality” – meaning that it supports the empowerment of all women, regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender identity, class, etc. I first read this essay, which is an adaptation of a TED talk from Adichie, in the interest of exploring feminism from the viewpoint of people who look and think differently from myself. I found it very compelling and though-provoking, as well as relatable and well stated. I think that it is an important topic that everybody would benefit from learning more about.

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One Response to We Should All Be Feminists

  1. Joe Harris says:

    Nice choice, Emily!


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