Class, Wed, 4/19

Possible Changes to Schedule

Class Picks

Tista Sen, “How a Bird Feeder Revived My Marriage“. [Alaina]


Bridget and Jack: In responding to texts, how do you move from writing a “review” (in which the focus is on the text you’re writing about) to writing a “critical essay” that foregrounds your perspective as a reader?

Writing Geek6a0115710fc794970c014e890c16c3970d-320wi

Punctuating Quotations: Logical Punctuation vs. American Style.


To Do (Proposed)

  1. Fri, 4/21, class: Digital writing.
  2. Mon, 4/24, class: Read the Class Picks by Helen, Jess, and Jordan.
  3. Tues, 4/25: 10:00 am: Post R4 to your group folder.
  4. Wed, 4/26, and Fri, 4/28, class: Workshop
  5. Mon, 5/01, class: Read the Class Picks from Sam, Sam, and Jack
  6. Tues, 5/02, 10:00 am: Post a link to and reflection on X6 to this site.
  7. Wed, 5/03, class: X6 arcade.
  8. Thurs, 5/04, and Fri, 5/05: Conferences with Joe.
  9. Mon, 5/08, class: Studio.
  10. Tues, 5/09, 10:00 am: Post Essay Two to your individual folder.

About Joe Harris

I teach composition, creative nonfiction, and digital writing at the University of Delaware.
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