Class Pick

I found this piece, “The Power of One,” while I was looking through Longform. Once I read the title and the short description that followed, I was automatically intrigued. I think the author Gary Smith does a great job drawing the reading in with strong descriptions of Bonnie’s town, high school, and “training facility.” These descriptions had me automatically comparing her life to my childhood in a suburban beach town in Connecticut. I originally was concerned that because the author told us the outcome in the beginning, it would take away from the suspense and thrill of a championship story. However, I found that even though I knew the outcome, I still felt the anxiety and nervousness with each event she competed in. I was struck with the honest in which the author described the struggle that Bonney went through during competitions, games, and her childhood.I think it shows the struggle that many individuals go through when they go against what society deems as “normal.” Overall, I thought that the structure of this piece was interesting. I thought that the structure of the piece around a poem that Bonnie wrote about herself, gave the reader a glimpse inside her mind and also provided an interesting flow to the piece.

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