Class Pick

After days of searching through different websites and wasting time skimming through essays trying to find one that really captivated me, I finally came across “The Same Story” by Suzanne Roberts. I think I typed in “creative non fiction pieces for women”. I began reading the first paragraph of this story thinking it was the description. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was the start of a dramatic and alluring story. The author’s voice and tone is distinct from the beginning. I like how the story is told from in her head. It really helps you sense her cognitive dissonance with herself throughout her experience at the time as well as her reflecting upon it years later. With the title, opening paragraph, and way the piece was going I found myself shocked by the slightly morbid and dark ending. Although I found the ending slightly unclear, I think it gives a great insight into the author’s anger, pain, regret, and unclearness with herself.

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