Class pick

I found this piece on Longform, and was drawn to it because it kind of goes along with the piece I’m working on for X4/E2/digitizing. I’ve also always been interested in gang culture, party because it’s so far removed from the way that I grew up and the people that I was surrounded by. What I like about this piece is that it’s truly a glimpse into a different life – it’s revealing and engaging. I like that the author shows a different side to the gang members that the article focuses on, and this shows the reader that gang members and people in this sort of environment aren’t just one-sided. Plus, a lot of the other articles I was thinking of posting were pretty depressing. Not that this is uplifting by any means, but I found it to be really interesting and well written!


About Jack Beatson

English/journalism student at the University of Delaware. Staff reporter for The Review, contributor to Sifted Magazine. Musician.
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