Class, Wed, 5/03

Digital Arcade

Display your digitized essay on your laptop screen. Wander about the room and see what other people have done with their pieces. Identify two digitizing moves or strategies that (a) strike you as effective, and (b) differ from what you did in digitizing your own piece.

Notes Digitizing

Notes on our conversation about strategies for digitizing texts

Annotating Your Draft for Your Conference on Friday

Read through the printout of your second essay. Using colored highlighters or pens, indicate what you now plan to do with each ¶:

  • Keep it essentially the same
  • Move it to a new place in the essay
  • Cut it
  • Rework its style, tone, or phrasings

If you plan to add any new ¶s, indicate where these will go and what they will be about.

After you’ve created this map of your piece, jot down some notes in the margins about any questions or issues you’d like to talk about more. Write down your question or concern as clearly and concisely as you can, so I can read and think about them before our conference.

Hand this annotated version of your essay to me before you leave class. If you’d like a copy for yourself, write Please Scan at the top of your first page. I will do so, and email you a PDF.

I look forward to talking about the work you’re doing with this piece on Friday!

To Do

  1. Fri, 5/05: Conferences with Joe, 134 Memorial
  2. Mon, 5/08, class: Studio session. Bring a print copy of the all-but-final version of your second essay with you to class. We will work closely with them on issues of voice, style, editing, and design.
  3. Wed, 5/10, class: Read the Class Picks from Bridget, Matt, and Sam B (?)

About Joe Harris

I teach composition, creative nonfiction, and digital writing at the University of Delaware.
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