Class Pick

I chose this essay on fly fishing as my official class pick.  When first beginning the search I wasn’t sure what kind of an essay I was really looking for and also had no idea where to find it.  I then realized that I wanted to pick an essay that fit my mindset as a senior who is about to graduate and leave the fantasy world of college behind.  Since I have been getting closer and closer to graduation I have started to think about the things I want to focus on in life that make me happy.  One of which is fly fishing and the serenity that it can bring to my life.  This piece by Tom Hazelton did a perfect job putting me in the mindset I usually have as I camp and spend my days looking for the perfect fly for the perfect catch.  He describes the wonders of the fishing itself but also talks much of the things that surround him.  To me he finds just as much joy in these surroundings as he does in the actual sport itself.  Hazelton talks about the beauty of the national forest and how truly amazing these areas of conservation are   for Americans.  Mainly because we are one of the few countries that truly has these protected tracts of wilderness that we will forever be able to escape the pressures of society in. He had one line in particular that I really enjoyed, during which he is explaining the national Forest as, “nearly four million acres of federal land, thousands of streams, rivers, and lakes, miles of trails and roads, no permits or fees. If you’re an American, it belongs to you.”  The last line about how being an American grants you access to these wild places made me smile because it reminds me of how lucky I have been to be able to go fishing and camping in the national forests that I hold so dear to my heart.  Reading about this reminds me that even though i will miss my times as a college kid, I will always have important things in my life that will always be available for my escape.

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