Publishing X7

There are two sites that I am looking to possibly publish on. The two are Slice Magazine and Narratively. These websites are both interested in publishing the type of work/category of writing that I think my piece, “Trigger Warning”, fits into.

If I were to publish “Trigger Warning”, I think that I would need to add more content or something to make it directly relevant to the website/magazine that I want to publish in. For Slice, there are themes for each issue, this terms theme being “borders”. What that means, I am not sure, but that would be one thing that I would have to look into, perhaps by reading some of the previous issues, to find out how I can structure my essay to better fit the theme of “borders”.

For Narratively, I would most likely expand my piece in some way to make it more appealing to masses. Narratively’s “motto” is “human stories, told boldly”. Though I like my essay and think that it is unique in that it is a story about an ordinary day with ADD and Depression, I think it lacks depth or some kind of catharsis; I want to find a way to connect this experience to something bigger in my life, just like some of the stories on Narratively seem to do.

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