Beatson X7

The piece that I would want to be published is (you guessed it) my piece about Joey Bada$$. I’ve really grown attached to this piece, and I feel like publishing it through Medium brought a whole new life to it that excites me. I’d like to have it out there professionally after doing some more refining. There are two places I’ve found that I think would be cool to have it published on.

The first is Slate Magazine. What attracted me to Slate is its diversity. There is tons of content on the site—there’s something for everyone on it. Because there’s so much content, it’s divided up into very specific categories. There is a category set aside for the Arts, and another category within that for Music. Their Music section is not very congested, so I feel like I might have a decent chance of getting some views on the story. Slate is also very modern, so I hope that my piece could resonate with Slate’s general audience.

The second is a little bit less likely, but Noisey, which is VICE’s music publication, occasionally accepts submissions and will publish them for “Open Submission Wednesdays.” Obviously, Noisey’s audience would be my ideal target audience for a piece like this. VICE is known as a “hip” news source and their audience is known to be fairly young, which again bodes well for the topic of rap music. It would be a long shot I’m sure, because VICE is such a large organization and probably gets hundreds of submissions every day, but it would be really cool if I could somehow make it happen.


About Jack Beatson

English/journalism student at the University of Delaware. Staff reporter for The Review, contributor to Sifted Magazine. Musician.
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