Burland X7 – Publishing

If I was to submit a piece for publication, I would pick “Finding Common Ground at the Kitchen Table.” This is the essay that I wrote about my trip to Nicaragua with the organization buildOn. One of the places that I would submit my piece to is the buildOn website. They publish pieces written by people who have either gone on a Trek with the organization or have done community service events with the organization. The website did not specify any specific guidelines, but through looking at some of the published pieces I think that my piece would fit their expectations. One thing that I would change to my piece in order to submit it to buildOn, would be to mention more about the organization and the specific work I did with them in the village, such as my days on the worksite of the school we were building.

The second place that I would submit my piece to is AFAR Wayfare, which is an online version of AFAR Magazine. AFAR is a travel magazine focused on sharing stories that inspire people to travel and experience different cultures. My piece focuses on my connection with my host family and the sharing of our cultures, so I think that content my piece would work for this publication. They ask that pieces are 500-1000 words, so I would need to cut down my piece or just focus on one part of my piece. Many of the pieces on the website include short paragraphs and sentences, so I would work on my piece so that it is structured similarly to pieces that have already been published on their site. They also ask that you do not include cliches, so I would make sure to go through my piece and get rid of any cliches that I have included.

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