Tommer X7

After looking into the subjects that could fall between high-brow philosophy and low-brow video games, I decided that the two publications to consider submitting my piece, Pre-Programmed Dreams (the Essay developed from X4 on the video game Skyrim) would be Polygon or The Pinch.

Polygon is a website primarily focussed on news within the video game and movie communities with featured articles using those media as frameworks for more sophisticated ideas. In regards to formatting, they tend to be varied, letting the pieces breath as they need to, ranging from borderline long form essays to quick video reviews. In order to pursue publishing, I believe that the biggest hurdle would be the continued development of the philosophy in the context of the game so that it would feel more at home within the publication regardless of a desired spot in the featured section.

The Pinch is much less specific. The Pinch is a literary journal that takes submissions over a nine month period via a competion format. Within the Creative Nonfiction setting, stories range from political to personal narrative. If anything, I think the introduction of my piece reading more like fiction could help it stand out. For its continued development, I would look to putting more emphasis on the philosophy itself. While the game acts as the vehicle for me to go into the ideas of Zen, the core still wants to be Zen which in this current iteration, I feel as though the piece is lacking.

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