Dolan X7: Towards Publishing

The piece I am interested in publishing is “We Can’t Control Our Trauma, But We Can Control Our Recovery”, and I think I would like to publish it (ideally) in the ‘Lives’ Section of the New York Times. I would also be interested in submitting to Salon Magazine in the Life Stories section.

In order to make my piece ready for publication for a place like ‘Lives’, I would have to trim it down as submissions there run about 800 words. I’d definitely need to readjust the beginning to focus it more on what happened or take my reader straight into the action because they suggest that you start with the action instead of a drawn out introduction. For Salon Magazine, the submission guidelines are much more vague, but the pieces in the Life Stories section there focus more on what people have learned from their life so I’d redirect my piece to be more about my recovery than my actual trauma.

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