Capolongo X7

Out of everything I’ve written this semester, I would for sure publish my piece What True Regret Sounds Like. This piece is an analysis of the Foo Fighters deep track “I Should Have Known.” It is both an examination of the song’s meanings, as well as a thorough discussion of the nature of regret. Even right after writing the first draft, I knew this piece was meant to be online, based on it’s structure around the song lyrics and overall language and tone.

I would love to get this piece published on Noisey or Pitchfork – both fairly popular sites focusing on the current events of music. First off, there is still more information I believe should be added to the piece before publishing. The paper as a whole also needs to be trimmed down a bit to better fit online. Packing more information into less space is going to be difficult, however it can be done! Lastly, I think the overall demeanor of my voice in the piece varies between casual to formal. Depending on the site I try to publish it to, I need to pick the most fitting voice and stick with it.

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