Ismail X7

I’m choosing to consider publishing my first essay, Choices. The two places I would potentially publish them are to Narratively ( and Luna Luna ( Narratively is a place for personal stories and has no requirements for publishing. Luna Luna seems more like a site geared towards women with a Feminist vibe – they accept poetry, creative non fiction, personal essays and much more. Luna Luna doesn’t have many requirements with only “WE DO NOT SUPPORT anything racist, sexist, xenophobic, body-shaming, ageist or homophobic. We will tell you to fuck off, and then we’ll hex your ass.” as a suggestion of what not to submit. Neither of these sites pay for publishing. If I were to publish to either of them I would definitely want to go through my piece again and possibly make some additions or changes to enhance the story.

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  1. jordanismail says:

    Potentially publish it is to *****


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