Publishing X7

There are two sites that I am looking to possibly publish on. The two are Slice Magazine and Narratively. These websites are both interested in publishing the type of work/category of writing that I think my piece, “Trigger Warning”, fits into.

If I were to publish “Trigger Warning”, I think that I would need to add more content or something to make it directly relevant to the website/magazine that I want to publish in. For Slice, there are themes for each issue, this terms theme being “borders”. What that means, I am not sure, but that would be one thing that I would have to look into, perhaps by reading some of the previous issues, to find out how I can structure my essay to better fit the theme of “borders”.

For Narratively, I would most likely expand my piece in some way to make it more appealing to masses. Narratively’s “motto” is “human stories, told boldly”. Though I like my essay and think that it is unique in that it is a story about an ordinary day with ADD and Depression, I think it lacks depth or some kind of catharsis; I want to find a way to connect this experience to something bigger in my life, just like some of the stories on Narratively seem to do.

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Class, Wed, 5/10

Reworking a Piece for Publication (Janel Atlas)

Class Picks

To Do

  1. Fri, 5/12, 10:00 am: Post “Toward Publishing” to this site. We’ll discuss your ideas, and your responses to this course, in class.
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Class Pick

‘I Don’t Believe in God, but I Believe in Lithium’

I chose this essay because of the way it presents bipolar disorder: as an ugly thing. There exists a misconception about bipolar disorder that it is just flipping between feeling happy and sad, which is far from the truth. Manic and depressive episodes occur, but there are also mixed states where one feels both and times of stability. A jump from a depressive episode to a manic one is pretty rare and requires a strong trigger. Nonetheless, neither manic or depressive episodes leave someone functional. Mania, in particular, is pretty nasty–losing touch with reality is far more common that a swell of joy. The author, Jaime Lowe, experiences this and recounts her own manic episode using footage filmed by a friend of hers.

Lowe also writes about how important lithium has been in her treatment. Bipolar disorder is a lifelong condition that requires constant medication, and even then, there’s no guarantee of sanity. We often hear about short-term care with bipolar disorder such as individuals being committed to psychiatric hospitals, but we rarely hear about what happens afterwards. In a way, I find it uplifting because while there will likely be a point in time where my body rejects my medication, long term stability is possible.

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Class Pick


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Class Pick

I chose this essay on fly fishing as my official class pick.  When first beginning the search I wasn’t sure what kind of an essay I was really looking for and also had no idea where to find it.  I then realized that I wanted to pick an essay that fit my mindset as a senior who is about to graduate and leave the fantasy world of college behind.  Since I have been getting closer and closer to graduation I have started to think about the things I want to focus on in life that make me happy.  One of which is fly fishing and the serenity that it can bring to my life.  This piece by Tom Hazelton did a perfect job putting me in the mindset I usually have as I camp and spend my days looking for the perfect fly for the perfect catch.  He describes the wonders of the fishing itself but also talks much of the things that surround him.  To me he finds just as much joy in these surroundings as he does in the actual sport itself.  Hazelton talks about the beauty of the national forest and how truly amazing these areas of conservation are   for Americans.  Mainly because we are one of the few countries that truly has these protected tracts of wilderness that we will forever be able to escape the pressures of society in. He had one line in particular that I really enjoyed, during which he is explaining the national Forest as, “nearly four million acres of federal land, thousands of streams, rivers, and lakes, miles of trails and roads, no permits or fees. If you’re an American, it belongs to you.”  The last line about how being an American grants you access to these wild places made me smile because it reminds me of how lucky I have been to be able to go fishing and camping in the national forests that I hold so dear to my heart.  Reading about this reminds me that even though i will miss my times as a college kid, I will always have important things in my life that will always be available for my escape.

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Writing: Toward Publishing

Pick a piece you’d like to have people outside of this class read. Then locate two websites, magazines, journals, or newspapers that you think might be interested in publishing. Study what they have to say to prospective contributors about things like length, format, style, subject, etc.

Please compose a post to this site in which you provide us with links to the two publications you’re considering, and describe how you would need to revise or edit your piece to meet their requirements.

And once you’ve done all that work, why not submit the piece? Good luck!

Deadline: Fri, 5/12, 10:00 am. We’ll talk about your plans in class that day.

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Class, Mon, 5/08

Digitizing Essays on Medium: Some Notes

Notes Digitizing

Line Editing

Trade essays. Read through your partner’s piece with a pen in hand. Look for moments where you feel that:

  • The writer’s voice seems uncertain. This might have to do with phrasing, or emphasis, or you might just want to mark a stretch where you fazed out a bit as a reader, lost your engagement with what was being said.
  • The argumentative or narrative flow of the piece is disrupted. Are there sentences or ¶s that don’t seem to connect well with the rest of the piece, or that go over what has been said before?
  • You’re not sure where the writer’s information is coming from. Play fact-checker. Does the author offer evidence (from other texts or from her experiences) for what she has to say?

Copy Editing

Read a piece by another writer in this class, this time as a copy editor, marking anything that looks or sounds off to you—anything, that is, that the author might want to double-check. You do not have to correct mistakes or problems; you just need to note them. Look for:

  • Paratext: Name, date, title, sections and subheads, running head with page numbers
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Omitted or repeated words

If you’re unsure about something, ask Janel or me. When you get your piece back, read through it carefully and ask your editors if you don’t understand a problem they’ve noted.


Once again, please add a brief note of acknowledgments to the end of your piece. Thank the people who have helped you develop it: group members, editors, friends, roommates, teachers, etc. Make your thanks specific; tell us what people actually did to help you with your writing.

X7: Toward Publishing

To Do

  1. Tues, 5/09, 10:00 am: Post the final version of your second essay to your Google Drive folder. If you are submitting your second essay online, email me the link
  2. Wed, 5/10, class: Read the Class Picks from Bridget, Matt, and Sam B.
  3. Fri, 5/12, 10:00 am: Post “Toward Publishing” to this site. We’ll discuss your ideas, and your responses to this course, in class.
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Conferences, Wed, 5/05

We’ll talk about how to move from your annotated draft to the final version of your second essay.

E306 Conferences 5-05


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Class, Wed, 5/03

Digital Arcade

Display your digitized essay on your laptop screen. Wander about the room and see what other people have done with their pieces. Identify two digitizing moves or strategies that (a) strike you as effective, and (b) differ from what you did in digitizing your own piece.

Notes Digitizing

Notes on our conversation about strategies for digitizing texts

Annotating Your Draft for Your Conference on Friday

Read through the printout of your second essay. Using colored highlighters or pens, indicate what you now plan to do with each ¶:

  • Keep it essentially the same
  • Move it to a new place in the essay
  • Cut it
  • Rework its style, tone, or phrasings

If you plan to add any new ¶s, indicate where these will go and what they will be about.

After you’ve created this map of your piece, jot down some notes in the margins about any questions or issues you’d like to talk about more. Write down your question or concern as clearly and concisely as you can, so I can read and think about them before our conference.

Hand this annotated version of your essay to me before you leave class. If you’d like a copy for yourself, write Please Scan at the top of your first page. I will do so, and email you a PDF.

I look forward to talking about the work you’re doing with this piece on Friday!

To Do

  1. Fri, 5/05: Conferences with Joe, 134 Memorial
  2. Mon, 5/08, class: Studio session. Bring a print copy of the all-but-final version of your second essay with you to class. We will work closely with them on issues of voice, style, editing, and design.
  3. Wed, 5/10, class: Read the Class Picks from Bridget, Matt, and Sam B (?)
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Me and My Dad

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